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Best PPSSPP Setting For Open Season

The Best PPSSPP Settings For Open Season

If you experience slow or logging of this game please copy the best PPSSPP settings below, The game settings to be shared are tested on PPSSPP recommend version, please use the recommended version or use the latest PPSSPP version for getting good results.

Recommended PPSSPP Version.1.12.3 or Latest PPSSPP Version

Reminder: Follow provided that the graphics of the game are broken go to the settings click save state and exit to PPSSPP emulator then force stop PPSSPP and begin the game again then load state to return the original graphics. going on the destruction of graphics when rest time your android phone while in play or off the power button.

Instruction: Go to the game settings option and select the system and return PPSSPP to default. Set Graphics, Audio and System follow the images below and check the following.

This part about Graphics:

Recommended Rendering mode - Backend "VULKAN" Support.


You're done! You have effectively copied the best settings for PPSSPP. You can now play this PSP game on your Android/iOS phone without interruption.

I trust these settings help you in improving the playability of the PPSSPP emulator on your Android gadget. Remember to give this blog to your Facebook friends or some other social profile.

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