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Best PPSSPP Setting Of God Eater Burst Gold v.1.3.0

Recommended Emulator PPSSPP Gold Version 1.3.0

Reminders: Follow only if the graphics of the game are broken go to the settings click save state and exit to PPSSPP emulator and start the game again then load state to return the original graphics, going on the destruction of graphics when sleep time your phone while in play or off the power button.


1. Go to game setting option and select the system and restore PPSSPP to default

2. Set the Graphics, System follow the below images and check the following

You're done ! You have successfully opted to best settings for PPSSPP android. You can now play psp games in android phones smoothly.

I hope this settings helps you for better game play of the PPSSPP emulator on your Android device. do not forget to share this blog with your friends on facebook, twitter, google plus or any other social profiles.


  1. How about uefa champions league 06-07. I tried a lot of types of settings, from games alike but the best I can do is smoth graphics but a bit slow and the sound braking up.

    1. I did not try to do the best that setting the game, but when I do the right setting is the game that I share.