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God Of War Ghost Of Sparta PSP ISO For Android & PPSSPP Settings

Kratos' second appearance on a versatile stage, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a side project set between the occasions of God of War and God of War II. Kratos has become lord of war, yet his horrible dreams haven't left him. In one such vision, he sees his mom, Callisto, being kept in Atlantis, the space of the ocean god Poseidon. In spite of the guidance of Athena to disregard it, Kratos begins the new excursion to uncover his past and eventually save his tragically missing sibling, Deimos, from the lord of death, Thanatos.

The second PSP title highlights comparable interactivity to its ancestor, with few new ongoing interaction mechanics. Kratos involves his Blades of Athena in this journey, which he currently might brief at any point enable with another enchantment, Thera's Bane, bringing about more grounded assaults. Additionally present are a few new enchantment things and another optional weapon. Adjacent to the story mode, Ghost of Sparta highlights "Sanctuary of Zeus", where different workmanship and other rewards could be bought by spending circles, gathered in the Battle Arena.

God Of War Ghost Of Sparta is available to play for the Playstation Portable console. This game was tested on the PPSSPP emulator of MOVGAMEZONE. Download God Of War Ghost Of Sparta ISO and use it in an emulator and Play this Playstation Portable game on desktop PC, android phone, tablets or iOS Device in the best.

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Game Info

  • Game Title: God Of War Ghost Of Sparta
  • Emulator: PPSSPP Android
  • Platform: PlayStation Portable
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: Ready At Dawn Studios
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Hack and Slash
  • Image Format: ISO
  • Before Extract: 935 MB
  • After Extract: 1.5 GB

Screenshots on Android

How to play?

Download and Install the PPSSPP emulator on your gadget and download the PSP ISO rom, run the emulator and select your ISO. In case the game is slow or logged, copy the best PPSSPP game settings click the button below.

You may click the link below to download your file

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God Of War Ghost Of Sparta PSP ISO

Download ZARCHIVER App. to extract compressed file.

How to Extract? Run ZARCHIVER application. Go to your .RAR file and press the document select "Extract Here" hold on until finish extracting the file.

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