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Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod Textures PPSSPP ISO For Android & PPSSPP Settings

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod Textures is available to play for PPSSPP emulator not for Playstation Portable console. This game is Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Version. This game was tested on the PPSSPP emulator of MOVGAMEZONE. Download Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod Mod ISO and use it in an emulator and Play this Mod game on desktop PC, android phone, tablets or iOS Device in the best.

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator (PlayStation Portable) that can run games made for Sony's first convenient portable console. PPSSPP is made for your number one Android gadget.

The list of games that match PPSSPP is likewise extremely various. You can play all PSP games utilizing this PPSSPP emulator, you will definitely appreciate preferred quality illustrations over the first form.

Game Info

  • Game Title: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod
  • Menu: Textures
  • Emulator: PPSSPP Android
  • File Size: 496 MB
  • Mod Textures and Save Data: Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Tenkaichi
  • File Size: 123 MB
  • Mod Creator: T.D Channel VN
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Image Format: ISO

Screenshots on Android

How to play?

Download and Install the PPSSPP emulator on your gadget and download the PSP ISO rom, run the emulator and select your ISO. In case the game is slow or logged, copy the best PPSSPP game settings click the button below.

Reminder: Prior to Playing the game ensure unchecked Fast memory (unstable) and I/0 on thread (experimental) to stay away from game crashes

Go to PPSSPP Game Settings/System/Emulation

You may click the link below to download your file

If you don’t know how to download this game, just Click Here!

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team MOD V11

DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod Textures

Save Data (Unlock Characters)

Download ZARCHIVER App. to extract compressed file.

How to Extract? Run ZARCHIVER application. Go to your .RAR file and press the document select "Extract Here" hold on until finish extracting the file.

How to utilize Save Data? First download it Save Data file and extract with ZARCHIVER then, at that point, move [ULUS10537DAT0] organizer in File Manager/PSP/SAVEDATA folder. Play the game and load Save Data.

Download link does not work? Having trouble? Feel free to ask / inform in comments down below.


  1. Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Tenkaichi Mod Textures PPSSPP ISO & PPSSPP Setting the iso doesnt work adfly doesnt send you to the website so u can download it

  2. Ayaw naman ung adfly laging lazada yung binigay na site sakin ehhh?

  3. Ayaw gumana.. lumalabas lang adfly

    1. Ulitin mo lang ang pag click sa download now button at mag skip ad para mag direct sa mediafire link

  4. Replies
    1. Click mo ang how to enable mod textures at my instruction dyan paano gagana ang mod

  5. mod textures zip not opening with WinRAR....shows as corrupted RAR

  6. Use zarchiver app to extract and my qestion is why it always force close?

  7. rar file is corrupt, how to fix it?

  8. Ang dali send ko nalang sa inyu tu

    At paste nyu at download it ang dalidali

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