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PPSSPP Gold Version.1.4.apk Free Download

Play PSP games on your android device, at high definition with extra features!

PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP* emulator for android. It runs a lot of games, but defending on the power of your device all may not run at full speed.

No games are included with this download. Dump your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISO or .CSO file, or simply play free home brew games, witch are available online. Put those in /PSP/Game on your SD card / USB storage.

Some games that work (not all will run full speed on all devices)
Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable
Dragon Ball Z
Little Big Planet
Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy: Type 0
Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
Soul Calibur
Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6
Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS
Wipe out
And many more...

See for more information

Please note that ARMv6-base devices may have various kinds of issues, and more modern devices are recommended.

*PSP is a trademark Sony, Inc.

You may click the link below to download your file.

How to download?

Click blue Download Now button and wait for 5 SECONDS and click the SKIP AD at the right top corner and the file is in another website. Just click the download and the file will be download. Sometimes the file goes to AD website to get the exact downloading file back to clicking on blue Download Now button and again repeat the instruction. For more info click this link How to download?

Latest PPSSPP Gold Version.1.4.apk

MediaFire: PPSSPP Gold 25 MB

Please report us if the download link are not working


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